Quiet Litquake

During last year’s Lit Crawl I met a lot of people who are now my friends—including Quiet Lightning co-host Rajshree Chauhan. This year, we helped kick Phase 1 of Lit Crawl off together with QL X at Gestalt Haus.

I’d say some words but I’ve been talking a lot this week, and I’d rather watch these videos.

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Meghan Thornton

Charles Kruger read Ana Elsner

Shideh Etaat

Steven Gray

Roger Porter

Sam Sax

Julia Halprin Jackson

Tatyana Brown

Keely Hyslop

Maisha Johnson

Sharon Coleman

Scott Lambridis

Jennifer Barone

Did you know you can buy this entire performance, formatted, printed, and bound by the exceptional photography of Timothy Faust? Click on the cover for your copy—we sold out!

Did you know you can read it—and all issues of sPARKLE & bLINK—for free on Scribd?

View this document on Scribd

We’re about to ramp things up here. Thanks for caring.

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2 Comments on “Quiet Litquake”

  1. For a variety of reasons, this was the most inspired reading I’ve been to. The Lightning keeps rolling in, each storm drenches me differently but I always leave refreshed, renewed and rejoycing with words like “sinew” and “cantaloupe” banging inside my brain. Well done one and all!

  2. wow, thanks matthew. i thought it was really exceptional, too. what’s gonna happen in november, me wonders? december’s in the bag!

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